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If you’re injured in any type of accident, you need an attorney to protect your rights. It’s like having insurance – better to have it now than need it when it’s too late.

No. I work on what’s called a contingency-fee basis, which basically means I don’t get paid unless I get you something first. You never have to pay anything out-of-pocket towards your case or to me.

I get paid a percentage of what I’m able to recover for you through a settlement or a jury verdict plus costs that I’ve expended during the case. That percentage is 33 1/3% before filing a lawsuit and 40% after filing a lawsuit, both of which are approved by the Florida Bar, which is the regulating body for all attorneys licensed to practice law in Florida.

Similar to a personal injury case, I can be paid a percentage of the settlement, which ranges between 10%-20% by Statute or 25% by Contract plus costs expended. I can also be paid per hour of work by the insurance company in some instances.

The first step is to fill out an intake which allows me to gather information about you and your case. When you fill out an intake, I am immediately notified of your case and interest in hiring me as your attorney. Then we would have a consultation, so I can get more specific information. Don’t worry, scheduling a consultation is as easy as clicking a button.

Nothing! Every consultation is free. Just go to the appointment page on my website, and select the type of consultation you’d like (either video or telephonic), and book the date and time of your choice based on the attorney’s availability.

After the intake and consultation, we will review and sign the necessary documents together in order to create an attorney-client relationship.

Now that I’m your attorney, I will immediately begin working on your case, which includes case discovery and investigation, client conferences, and court events.

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