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About VAA

Virtual Accident Attorney (“VAA”) is based in West Palm Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida, but represents those injured in accidents on the job and/or due to another’s fault or negligence all across Florida. VAA does not maintain an office nor staff; rather, it utilizes innovative technology and automation to perform actions in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner on the market. Further, unlike other law firms, all communication is directly with your attorney and in the manner of your preference – whenever, wherever.

Mission Statement

Virtual Accident Attorney’s mission is to, above all else, provide its clients with unparalleled access to and communication with their attorney, as well as utilizing innovative and efficient technology to reduce overhead while increasing productivity.

“The most common reason a client leaves his or her attorney is a lack of communication, which means clients prioritize communication over everything else. At Virtual Accident Attorney, I’ve solved that problem. Further, the products and services I utilize reduce the mundane, so that I can prioritize what really matters: my clients.”


Virtual Accident Attorney prides itself on being an innovative, technology-forward law firm. “When I came up with the idea to open a virtual law office, the first thing I told my self was that I was going to structure and run my firm differently than a typical law firm. And how was I going to do that? Through technology! Technology and automation reduce redundancy and mistakes, which ultimately saves time and money that could, otherwise, be dedicated to litigating cases and getting my clients what they deserve.”

Case Management & Intakes

Virtual Accident Attorney uses a case management software that keeps all of your case information and documents encrypted in the cloud, which is accessible at any time or anywhere by your attorney. The case management software also allows potential clients to complete a brief or full intake before a consultation, the information for which is both automatically inputted into the case management system and sent as a notification to Virtual Accident Attorney. “It used to take a team to keep track of cases, but with the case management software the firm is using, everything is at my fingertips at all times, which allows me to work wherever, whenever. It would also take hours to perform intake consultations and set up a new case, which now takes a total of around 30 minutes when the intake is either fully or partially completed by the potential client before the consultation. This not only allows me to start working on the new client’s case quicker, but the ability to dedicate more time to my current clients.”


Virtual Accident Attorney has multiple methods in which to communicate with clients and other people. “In my experience, not all clients or people have the ability to communicate in one way or another, so limiting them to one or a few methods of communication is counterproductive and inefficient.” Virtual Accident Attorney is structured to allow direct access to your attorney through text, email, video, online portal, web chat, mail, fax, or phone.

While Virtual Accident Attorney is only open from 9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday, you can directly contact your attorney on any day and at any time and expect a response within minutes or hours depending on the attorney’s availability. “In my experience, clients don’t want to talk to the secretary nor paralegal because neither can give legal advice, thus, their only role is to take a message and pass it on to the attorney to respond. The problem with communicating with a secretary or paralegal is that the messages are often missing information or lost in translation; however, if a client speaks directly with me, I know what questions to ask to get the information I need to provide the best strategy towards getting my clients what they deserve.”

No matter if I'm in the gym or at my desk, communication with my clients is my top priority
No matter if I’m in the gym or at my desk,
communication with my clients is my top priority

Virtual Accident Attorney primarily utilizes texting and emailing services to communicate with clients. The firm’s integration with these services also allows all text messages or emails sent or received between the attorney and client to be automatically inputted into the client’s file for record keeping. “Do you want a close-to-immediate response to a question or concern? Text or email me! I have my phone on me at all times.”

Virtual Accident Attorney has both a toll-free (833.822.1354) and a local (561.935.3822) phone number. The local number is even set up to text or fax the firm. The integration the firm has with the VOIP phone service provider even allows phone calls received or made to be inputted into a client’s file for record keeping. “My anticipation in providing multiple communication methods is to reduce the frequency of phone calls made to the firm; however, I understand the necessity of a phone number. As such, the firm provides not only a toll-free number to pass the cost of the call to the firm, but also a local number, which can even be used to text or fax me directly.”

Virtual Accident Attorney is available to answer calls 24/7 through the use of a virtual receptionist service, who provides a live person to answer calls and forward messages to the attorney via text and email. The firm’s integration with this service also allows messages taken by the virtual receptionist to be automatically inputted into a client’s file for record keeping. “When deciding to work virtually without any staff, I knew I still needed a live receptionist to answer calls. There is nothing more frustrating than calling somewhere only to being pushed through prompts rather than speaking to a live person. Plus, it’s nice to hear someone’s voice when you call. An added benefit is that this service works primarily with law firms, so they are skilled in understanding legal matters and issues.”

Virtual Accident Attorney also uses an AI chatbot on its website as a quick information-gathering service, which then directly notifies your attorney via text and email. The firm’s integration with this service allows for these messages to be inputted into the case management software for quick reference and use. “The chatbot is mostly available and utilized by new or potential clients, but can be used by whomever. It’s like sending a email or text to me, but the chatbot focuses your communication to provide me with a succinct description of what you need, so that I can provide an immediate response.

Virtual Accident Attorney also works with a virtual interpretation service of certified translators for all non-English speaking clients. These services include interpretations during conferences or translations of written materials. “Only being able to speak English will not hold me back from representing those who do not.”


Virtual Accident Attorney’s website and Facebook page shows, in real-time, the attorney’s schedule and availability and allows you to schedule either a video or telephonic client appointment directly through the website. The firm’s integration with this service also automatically updates the attorney’s calendar and sends him notifications via text and email. “This product is ground-breaking; it literally replaces the need for a full-time scheduling secretary. No longer will appointments be double-booked, put on the calendar incorrectly, or time wasted going back-and-forth regarding availability. Just go to our website or Facebook page, select the type of appointment you’d like to schedule, and go to a date and time that is available; it’s as simple as that!” This service is also available to non-clients.


Even though Virtual Accident Attorney does not have a physical office location, it does have a virtual mailing address. The way it works is mail that is addressed to the virtual address is routed to a hub where the mail is electronically uploaded and encrypted into the cloud for the firm’s access at any time or anywhere. This service will even mail out electronically uploaded documents. “This service provides everything having a physical mailing address does but more efficient and better. Now, if I receive something in the mail or need to mail something out immediately, I just log into my online account and do it without having to waste money on paper or time traveling.”


Virtual Accident Attorney is exclusively paperless and encrypted in the cloud. We do not store physical documents anywhere to prevent theft, destruction, or loss. “Courts are electronic, so why shouldn’t we? Plus, it saves trees!”

E-Signature & Notarization

Virtual Accident Attorney utilizes services to provide electronic signature and virtual notarizations for important documents anywhere, anytime. “The most-often occurrence of requiring a signature and notarization is when we settle a case. At that point, the case is over and my client wants his or her money. In the past, I would have to bring the client into the office to sign and hope that my notary didn’t call out sick that day. With these e-signature and virtual notarization services, that will no longer be the case, and you can sign and get the notarization whenever or wherever you are, which saves everyone time and money.”

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Virtual Accident Attorney utilizes the top-rated accounting and bookkeeping software available on the market. This allows the firm to handle all financial matters in one place. The firm’s integration with this service also connects all financial aspects of the case in both the service software and the firm’s case management software. “Accounting and bookkeeping headaches are a thing of the past with this service. Everything can be automated and viewed with a click of a button, which will save greatly on time and money.”

Virtual Business Card

Virtual Accident Attorney uses virtual business cards to distribute its contact information. When you sign up with the firm, you will be sent this card with all of the firm’s and your attorney’s contact information, including email, virtual mailing address, and phone numbers for calling, texting, or faxing, which can be automatically inputted as a contact in your phone. “Whenever I signed up a client, the first thing I did was give them my business card, but they never seemed to be able to keep track of it or my contact information. Now, with the virtual business card, all of my and the firm’s contact information will be sent to you and stored in your phone with a click of a button. So long lost contact information!”

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