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The most common complaint from clients is that they can’t get hold of or never get to speak to their attorney. My priority is to never let that happen by providing my clients with multiple methods of direct communication with me. Your attorney’s website should be a one-stop shop for all communication and functions relating to your case.

There are many methods of communication between you and your attorney including text, email, video, online portal, web chat, web form, fax, mail, online scheduling, automated notifications, or the phone.

If your attorney is available, he will do his best to respond within minutes to hours of your attempted communication, but some responses may take 12-48 hours depending on your attorney’s availability that day. You can trust that if your attorney is available to answer, he will, and that when you receive a response, it will be directly from your attorney.

You can text your attorney at any time at 561.935.3822. Through the firm’s texting service integration, not only will your attorney receive the text directly to his phone, but your texts will automatically be stored in the firm’s case management software system under your case for record keeping.

You will be given your attorney’s professional email address from day one, and you are encouraged to reach out to him as often as you would like. Most communication with your attorney will and can be through email, which is his preferred method of communicating with clients. All emails between you and your attorney will automatically be stored in the firm’s case management software system under your case for record keeping.

Since your attorney is virtual, there will be no in-person contact outside of court events. However, understanding that some clients prefer to see their attorney, a video conference can be set up through Zoom or your attorney’s video chatroom through his VOIP telephone service. If you schedule a video conference through the firm’s website, you will be provided with login information for a Zoom meeting.

Your attorney’s case management software system has an online portal for all his clients. After representation begins, you will receive an email asking you to sign up for the portal, which can be used to do multiple things: communicating, sending and receiving documents, viewing upcoming appointments, and getting updates on your case. You can opt out of this service if you prefer.

The firm’s website has an AI chat bot that is available 24/7 to gather information and questions for the attorney, who will be notified immediately via both text and email. This is mostly used by potential clients seeking an attorney.

You can choose to fill out the web form with basic information and a question, and your attorney will be directly notified via both text and email. If you’re a client, though, it would be best to communicate via text or email.

Your attorney does not maintain a physical fax machine; rather, he uses electronic faxing to send and receive faxes through his email. To send a fax to your attorney, use the same number you would to call or text him: 561.935.3822.

Your attorney does not maintain a physical office location; rather, he uses a virtual mailing service to send and receive mail. Mail is sent to his virtual mailing address who, upon receipt, uploads an encrypted copy of the mail and notifies your attorney of its receipt. Then, if your attorney chooses, he can download an electronic copy of the mail and upload it to your file in his case management software.

Easy! Just go to my website page for scheduling consultations or appointments, select the type of appointment, select an available date and time that works for your schedule, and submit. What’s great is that the schedule you are viewing on my website is my schedule in real-time, which reduces double-booking, mistakes, and the need for a secretary. This saves both time and money.

Every time you or I schedule an appointment on your case, you will receive a notification of the event through a medium of your preference, which is either via text, email, or voicemail. Then, the day before the event is to occur, you will receive another notification reminding you of the event. These notifications are automatic based on the events scheduled on your case. It can even remind other parties of these events as well, so no one is late or absent.

Your attorney prefers telephonic communication be a last resort, but, if you choose to call the firm, you will be greeted by a live virtual receptionist, whose responsibility is to take a message and forward it to your attorney via both text and email. All calls made to or from the firm are also automatically documented in your file. We also have a toll-free number, 833.822.1354, for those who don’t have unlimited plans, where we would front the cost of the call, or a local number, 561.935.3822.

Just because your attorney only speaks English, does not mean you will not be able to communicate with him. Your attorney utilizes a virtual interpretation services for all non-English speaking clients. These interpreters will attend telephonic or video conferences and interpret from/to your native language to/from English. They can also translate documents to/from English from/to your native language.

No. Your attorney’s office is set up to provide automated and innovative services that replace the need for having staff, which reduces overhead, time-wasting, and mistakes. This allows your attorney to focus on you and your case, rather than correcting mistakes or settling cases to make money to pay the overhead of maintaining a physical staff.

Your attorney is virtual and does not maintain a physical office location, hence the firm’s name: Virtual Accident Attorney. However, I will always attend court-related events when feasible. If you prefer to see your attorney, we can schedule video conferences via Zoom or through your attorney’s VOIP service video conferencing service.

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