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DISCLAIMER: To be paid a referral fee, the referral source must: (1) be an attorney with an active license to practice law; (2) execute a consent to referral; (3) agree to co-counsel on the case that was referred. Neither merely referring a case nor signing a consent to referral is a guarantee that a referral fee will be paid. It is also recommended that the referred client initiate contact with Virtual Accident Attorney, or Virtual Accident Attorney is provided with the authority by the client to contact the referred client. In order for a referral fee to be paid: (1) the referred client must sign a valid contract of representation with Virtual Accident Attorney; (2) the case’s law type must be either workers’ compensation or personal injury; and (3) the referred client’s case must settle. Referral fees are 25% of Virtual Accident Attorney’s portion of the washout fee. In the context of a workers’ compensation case, the washout fee is the fee based on the resulting settlement amount after employer/carrier-paid fees, which is based on Virtual Accident Attorney’s time spent litigating a benefit that is untimely provided, are deducted from the settlement amount. In the context of a personal injury case, the washout fee is the attorney’s fee taken by Virtual Accident Attorney based on the entire settlement or the fee awarded after a jury verdict. The attorney’s fee may be 33 1/3% before filing a lawsuit or 40% after filing a lawsuit or based on an agreement between Virtual Accident Attorney and the referred client for a reduce percentage. Under no circumstances can the referring attorney dictate what Virtual Accident Attorney ultimately agrees to receive as it’s attorney’s fee.

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